Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Last Call at (Donna's) Book Pub

Oh, it's so late. But I guess that's what last call is, huh?

Quick! Jump over to Donna's Book Pub and check out Ruth Hartman's blog post about her book, My Life In Mental Chains. Ruth's been on a blog tour all month and I think Donna's post might be the last call on the tour. Her book recounts her struggle with OCD, and she's generously shared her story about this debilitating disease. But, she's also talked a little about the writing journey, and today, she discusses Piper Ash, her publisher, and how she came to publish her book in the first place. Ruth's story is worth the read, whether you'd like to know more about OCD or publishing a chapbook.

Wait! Last call, too, on getting your entry in for my Writer Mama Share the Writing Love Giveaway. So, tell me what you love about writing, NOW, and you're entered in the contest. Maybe you'll win! Wheee!

But you'll have to come back Friday to find out. So, don't waste your last call, last chance. ( Do you hear that? I think it's the last chocolate from my Valentine's candy calling me. Gotta run before the beneficent Mr. Hall hears it, too!)