Friday, October 17, 2008

Finding Something Friday: Oh, Look it's a Book (or Two) and an Anthology

You know what I love about being a woman of a certain age ? (And by certain age, I mean the age by which certain less than appealing things start to happen. Use your imagination here...) Okay, that's enough imagining. Here's what I love: when prizes come in the mail, I'm completely surprised because I've completely forgotten all about them!

And really, it's more than just being surprised about the surprises. I can spend at least 15 minutes coming up with all kinds of wonderful reasons why two books would arrive in the mail for Cathy C. Hall. So, it's not just a "What have we here" moment, but a "Why have we here" moment, too. Oh, frabjous joy!

Which is the long way of saying I received From First Draft to Finished Novel and First Draft in 30 Days by Karen Wiesner. And, after a few minutes and a pound to the head, I remembered that I'd won them in the Writer Mama giveaway! I certainly hope I can remember to read them. Then I can tell you all about them.

I can tell you about an anthology call out I found this past week. It's from La Chance publishing and it's all about dogs. The editors are looking for a few good true dog stories, about how a dog has transformed your life. Now, Sally the dog has most definitely transformed my life, but maybe not in the way that these editors have in mind for their anthology. But maybe you have a nice, heart-warming dog story you can send by October 31st. Check out La Chance Publishing here for more details and get 200 bucks for your bow-wow's tail, er, tale.

I might even try writing about Sally the crazy dog. I could use a good surprise.