Friday, October 10, 2008

Finding Something Friday Meets Demands

After months of waffling back and forth, I finally hooked up with Demand Studios, a web content provider that pays a little cash for a little knowledge and speedy writing. And I'm constantly amazed at the articles I find on their assignment board. This week, I got paid to write "How to Write a Check for Cash."

Now, besides being easy money, the whole check-cashing article was HI-larious to the beneficent Mr. Hall. See, I refuse to do banking business. It's not that I can't do banking business. Just that I don't like to do the banking business. But I wrote that little "how to" and took that little check payable to Cathy C. Hall straight to the bank. (It was Paypal, actually, but that doesn't work as well with that particular bon mot, does it?)

So, if you have knowledge about specific topics, like knives, or wood lathes, or um, banking, and you can write simple "How to" articles fast and furiously, then it pays to check out Demand Studios.