Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tooting My Horn Tuesday: ICL Opportunity

So, you remember how I'm taking the ICL class? And how I've told you about the weekly e-news that you can subscribe to for all sorts of children's writing tips? And that it's free, so you'd be crazy not to subscribe?

Oh, but did you? If you had, you'd know that there was a recent call out for articles needed. Not necessarily kiddie lit articles, either. Writing-in-general articles were also needed. And I happened to have a splendiferous writing-in-general article idea. Which, as you have probably guessed, was accepted for publication in the newsletter. Wheee!

The editor said she loved to see "articles with clearly organized goals and objectives."I think that's a huge hint about what she's looking for, don't you?

So, here's the moral to this horn-tootin' story: You never know where you might come across a call out. Keep an eye peeled. U might C opportunity knocking all over the place.