Friday, June 6, 2008

Finding Something Friday...To the Moon, Cathy C!

Fly me to the moon, and put my name among the stars...let me show what I can do for Jupiter and Mars!

What, you wonder, is Cathy C. Hall singing about now? So glad you asked. A swell friend (thanks, Nicole!) sent me this cool link: Click on it and you can send your name to the moon, courtesy of NASA and the Orbiter.

Now, I'm not saying there's life on the moon...or Jupiter or Mars, either, for that matter. But if there is, they (or he, she or it) is going to know the name Cathy C. Hall. You can't buy promotion like that. (Literally. It's free till the sign-up deadline, June 27th.)

And while I'm thinking of moonlight, I'll pass along the following mushy contest about Past Loves. If you can write 700 words about a former sweetie, you could win a Fortune. And it's absolutely free to enter. Check out all the details here. But don't wait too long. Deadline's August 17, 2008.

The beneficent Mr. Hall is my one and only sweetie. But for the sake of a little Fortune, I may be able to remember a toad or two or twenty I kissed before he hopped along. (Just for the record, I only took Mr. Hall to the moon.)