Friday, May 30, 2008

Finding Something Friday...Hurry, Hurry!

Do you write fast? 'Cause if you hurry, there's still time to enter up to three short stories in Wordclay's Short Story Contest.

I found the note "Wordclay" when I opened my folder of "Current Contests and Such" and just today got around to checking it out. So now I only have ONE day to get it together. Read all the details here. Maybe you happen to have a few scathingly brilliant stories hanging around, waiting for publication. Maybe I do, too. I can always use a little Fame and Fortune.

One thing I know I don't have hanging around is a 60,000 word manuscript. But maybe you do. I found another note, checked out the website, and read all about the "Get Your Stiletto in the Door Contest." Don't you LOVE that name? Makes me wish I had a scathingly brilliant manuscript to send, just so I could say I entered the "Get Your Stiletto in the Door Contest." (See how I managed to work that in again). But if you write fast, you can still make the deadline of June 15, 2008. And if you're like me, without a manuscript, you can still check out the score sheet and see what criteria the judges use. I learned a new thing or two, writing-wise.

I learned something else new today, too. I found that if you go outside and work in the yard on a Tuesday, you can end up with poison ivy on a Friday. Because apparently, poison ivy is one thing in no hurry at all.