Friday, May 23, 2008

Finding Something Friday...That's Using the Old Brain

G.K. Chesterton wrote, "There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the cloud." I love that quote; I think I might have to write that one on a sticky note and carry it about with me. And to think I wouldn't have found it if I hadn't been dipping into BrainyQuote.

I found BrainyQuote on the Writer's Digest list of 101 Best Writer's Websites. I know I don't have time to check out all those websites, but I'm a sucker for quotes. Which website will you dip into today? Take a quick look here and then come right back. I found a contest that I know you'll have time to participate in and even get a freebie to go along with it.

Elizabeth Guy is the editor of The Verb, an online magazine that she produces every month. This month, to celebrate five years of The Verb, she's sponsoring a contest. And you don't need a castle full of imagination to win. In fact, one sentence is all that's required. That's like a little corner in the castle's closet.

But you don't have much time to join her party. Check out today's winner here, then off you go to try your hand. Or brain, as the case may be.