Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What Not to Do Wednesday: Newsletters, Magazines and Websites, Oh My!

I am a sucker for anything free. And if the freebie happens to be writing-related, well then, sign me up! So writing-related websites, and their newsletters, and occasional magazines suck me in every single day. It's like the call of the Sirens. I can't resist.

So what? you ask. Aren't you learning something writer-ly? Oftentimes, yes. But I'm also spending my time reading about writing rather than actually writing. That is what we call a Detour on the Road to Publication.

So, little grasshopper, when writing time is precious, don't spend it all reading about how to become a great writer. Take time every day to write. And if you have time left over, then check out those newsletters, websites and magazines. And don't forget blogs. (Now there's something I totally cannot resist. Especially if it's mine!)