Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's Easy to be Green

I think I've mentioned before that I'm a goal-oriented writer. I don't necessarily achieve my goals on the Road to Publication, but I'm very big on having them.

So when I came across Premium Green on the WOW!Women on Writing e-zine, I remembered my goal about an online writing support group. Before you could say "Sign me up, Scotty!" I'd received my first email, welcoming me to the group. And I've been green ever since. (I think the Green idea has something to do with growing...but isn't that about the coolest logo ever?)

Not that I'm forsaking my real-live Centerville Writers. What I get from my down-the-road compatriots, I can't get anywhere else. But Premium Green's market guide and network appealed to me as a freelancer trying to grow a different branch in her writing (By Jove, I think I've got this whole Green concept down!)

I've already learned a new thing or two. And not just how to put that logo on my blog. Check out Premium Green here at WOW!. I may also enter WOW!'s Winter Flash Fiction Contest. Hey, I can check off another goal (but only if I win...).