Friday, January 4, 2008

Finding Something Friday...Writing Clean-up Day

I've been waiting all day to find something. But now that I take a look around, if something were here, would I find it?

Cleaning up my files, folders, desk and drawers is not on my fun "To Do" list. Before I can file a paper, I have to remember which notebook binder to file it in. And before I can file a manuscript in the binder, I'll have to find the clear sheet protectors. Then when I find the clear sheet protectors, I'll probably find a note with mysterious scribbles on it. I'll suddenly remember what the scribbles mean, which will lead to a Google search.

It's all too If You Give A Mouse A Cookie complicated for me. The only good part of Writer Clean Up Day is the end, when everything's organized and I can find things once again.

Well, whadda y'know? I found something, after all. Here's a market I submitted to last year with no luck: ByLines Calendar. It's a desk top calendar designed for writers (Byline, get it?). Maybe I'll try again for a little Fame and Fortune.

I could write about "The Importance of Organization in a Writer's Life: Cathy C. Hall style." Now, if I can just find my notes...