Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thanks! I Needed That, Marcus Sakey

Here's the thing I love about Twitter: I find all kinds of excellent writerly stuff. The other day, I came across Marcus Sakey's post, How To Knock Yourself Out of the Game. He included six ways to make sure you don't mess up your publishing chances.

Now, I'm sure along the way, I've heard most of this advice before. None were earth-shattering, mind-blowing tips to success. But that doesn't mean that I don't forget the basics, the simple stuff, as I go merrily writing along.

The first tip, the VERY FIRST tip, slapped me upside the head: Start at the Beginning and Write to the End. Basically, Mr. Sakey made the following point. Don't get derailed right in the middle of the book you're writing and start another book. Finish what you start.

So easy. But oh, my. Writers (like me) like to think we're different. Writers (like me) like to follow our own rules and make it work. And I was this close (I'm holding up my hand, squeezing a smidgen of space between two fingers) to setting the book I'm working on aside and starting the one I've been daydreaming about for the last few weeks. Because it seems like such a good idea!

But maybe it seems like such a good idea because it's new and sparkly, not the old idea that makes me gnash and grind my teeth, trying to get it right. But anything worth doing, is worth doing right. And finishing.

So thanks, Marcus Sakey, I needed that reminder. I apologize for not recognizing your name. But now that I know who you are, I promise to read one of your books. Because you had some fine advice there, over on your website. Something tells me you're a very fine writer.