Sunday, April 10, 2011

It Feels Good to Win (For Japan)

It's the final day of the Masters here in Georgia...the sky is a clear blue, the azaleas are a riot of pinks, whites and reds, and the grass is a carpet of emerald green. I suppose for a handful of golfers, the pressure's on. But for the rest of us, watching, it's a glorious, carefree afternoon.

The Masters is thousands of miles away from Japan...and a world away from their daily struggles. Life is still difficult for the Japanese people, but you can lend a hand in their time of need with just the click of a button.

Kidlit 4 Japan still has plenty of items open for bidding. You can grab a critique or some swell children's books, as well as a ton of book swag. Even if you're not a children's book reader, I'll bet you know a library that would love a few autographed books for their juvenile collection.

Oh! And I finally won a bid for a really cool bookmark! It's not exactly a green jacket, but I feel as good as if I'd won the Masters.