Thursday, August 19, 2010

Market of the Month: Patchwork Path Books

I like to mix up the markets here at the Hall of Fame, so this month, I decided to go with nonfiction. But fiction will work quite well, too. (It's a dilly-dally market.) Which brings us to Patchwork Path Books.

Choice Publishing Group is looking for stories right this very minute on living the American Dream. But you can write a non-fiction essay, too. They'll be reading stories and essays till...let's see, December 31st! So, you have plenty of time to come up with something between 250 and 2000 words for Patchwork Path: Star Spangled Banner. And if the editors choose you, you'll receive payment of $50.00.

That's a nice bit for a story. Or even an essay. (But don't dilly-dally too long!)