Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ABC's of Errant Parent

I just realized that errant parent, an online site of parenting hilarity and fun, is celebrating its first year anniversary (Technically, I didn't "realize" it as much as I was sent an announcement email.). And then I realized (and technically, here, I actually did realize as a thought hit me square in the head) that I had a little something something to say about errant parent. Allow me to enumerate, using that clever A-B-C device:

A. errant parent makes me laugh out loud. And yes, I know that it's a humor publication, but not all humor makes me laugh out loud. Humor's funny that way.

B. I suggested a humor-writing friend send her stuff to errant parent and she's in this anniversary issue.

C. I am not.

D. Assuming a big, giant ball of gas doesn't fall on the earth at the exact spot where errant parent's editor resides, you'll see my contribution later. In August, I think. Now, don't go worrying. I'll toot about it (no gas pun intended).

E. If you are a parent (like me), and err on a regular basis (like me) and you can write edgy funny stuff (you thought I was going to say "like me." But I'm the humble sort. And the rejected sort-I had to work on the edgy.), you should consider submitting to this market.

F. errant parent is a paying market (Whee-whee-wheee!).

G. Support your local humor markets so they can continue to make me say Whee-whee-whee! (Oh, and by local, I mean available throughout the world on the web).

So, I believe that concludes this morning's schooling on errant parent (except for here). I kinda thought my A-B-C list would make its points using the actual letters of the alphabet, but that seemed like an awful lot of work. And then around letter D., I realized I was not going to get all the way to Z. Or even M. I'm sorry if this has caused you any distress. On the other hand, I did a whole lot of realizing today, and I feel pretty good about that.