Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tooting My Horn Tuesday on Bylines Calendar 2010!

Wow! I had a bit of a book bonanza when I went to the mailbox today! But too much tooting's not very nice, so...Um, that didn't come out quite right. Er, neither did that. Let's just move on, shall we?

I found my Bylines 2010 Writer's Desk Calendar and there I was, right across from Christmas week, sounding off on some writerly thing. But that's not all I found in this splendiferous desk calendar. There's a page for you to list (and check off!) writing goals, as well as monthly Writer To Do pages. You'll find a submission tracker, pages for conference notes, an expenses sheet, a mileage sheet, web sources, and probably a lot more writing stuff I'm leaving out. Obviously, you need this desk calendar. But you can't have mine. You can order your own from the Bylines website.

And you know what else I found? I saw a lot of writers I recognized. Check out the Submission guidelines here. 'Cause next year, I want to find you in the Bylines Calendar 2011!