Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What Not to Do Wednesday on Waiting

Remember when you were a wee, little kid and the wait for Santa was a sweets-fueled, hand-wringing, will-I-get-a-Barbie-with-long-hair-instead-of-that-short-ugly-bob torture?

Or maybe that was just me. The point is, grasshopper, the wait seemed to last forever. Now that I'm ever so much older, the holidays zoom by with alarming rapidity. Then, snap! They're gone.

But here's a way to make your holidays last all year long: Give yourself a writing gift, something you need to get your writing to take off in 2010! Is it a specialized course? A conference? A membership to an organization, professional service or market list? An office chair, a techno-gizmo, a promise to put butt-in-chair every day? You've been wishing for something all year long...don't wait any longer, grasshopper. Because snap! Just like that, time passes.

And what if all you have to show for it is the Barbie with the short bob? (But I'm over that now, grasshopper. Ho, ho, ho from the Hall of Fame!)