Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tooting My Horn Tuesday for Branding (The Marketing Kind)

Okay, okay. I'm tooting Shelli's horn. And WOW! Women-on-writing's horn. But I asked the questions for the interview, so that ought to count for something.

When I heard Shelli Johannes-Wells talk at Springmingle (the SCBWI conference of the Southern Breeze region), I learned a few pointers about branding yourself in the writing world. And I laughed as I learned. I thought she'd make a fine interview for WOW's August issue on Self-Promotion. And I was right!

I could tell you all about branding. But Shelli does a slam-up job with it. So, check out the feature interview here and all those slam-up questions I asked. And while you're there, read all those other swell articles about promoting yourself. Before long, you'll be tootin' your horn like Louis Armstrong, blowin' your name all over the writing world.