Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tooting My Horn on (Election) Tuesday

Taking a quick break from the election to celebrate a little winning of my own!

I just love when I win something out of the blue! And I love to win books, too! So, imagine how thrilled I was to win signed copies of Writer Mama and Get Known Before the Book Deal! It was part of the September Writer Mama Back to School Giveaway. Christina Katz, our favorite Writer Mama, decided to choose three participants in the Giveaway who inspired her with their posts. And guess who one of those inspiring posters was? Or um, is?

You betcha it was me. Anyway, apparently I had consistently valuable information while sharing my insights. What a nice thing to say. And a great surprise for me. Wheeee!

(P.S. Check out her blog for more inspiring and valuable information!)
(P.P.S. And as soon as I read those books, I'll fill you in on more inspiring and valuable bits of Writer Mama info!)
(P.P.S.S. Now, couldn't you just kick yourself for skipping the Giveaway this year? Maybe you'll win something next year...that reminds me, I've got to see who's winning now!)