Friday, August 22, 2008

Finding Something Friday: Fiction, Fonts and Finders and Keepers

Running late on finding stuff (blame it on the Olympics), so off we go...

Found a neat market today, but only for those of a certain age. If you're not quite at the half-century mark, dash to the next paragraph, because Passager is a journal dedicated to the writer over 50. All you writers-come-lately check out the guidelines here for the next Open issue. The Pass It On feature caught my eye 'cause it's so short and sweet. If you can write 250 words or less about a "First" in your life, you might be published. But only if you type like the wind! Deadline's September 15th! So don't just stand there, pass it on! We're not getting any younger, you know.

And while I'm passing it on, I'll pass along my other blog. I wanted to learn more about Wordpress, so I created a blog over there, going hog wild with pages and gadgets and stuff. Just one little problem...what to blog about? And then it hit me like a discus shot to the head! Children's Writing! So check out Finders and Keepers, where I'm finding children's markets and keeping you posted.

And finally, I found this funny video about fonts:

Someday, when I have a moment or two, I'm going to figure out how to embed that video in the post. But not today, fellow Americans. I've got some Olympic cheering to do!