Friday, January 25, 2008

Finding Something Friday...Quotations

I love synchronicity.

So when I realized that the two things I wanted to share on Finding Something Friday were totally related to each other, I may have commented in a sudden and loud manner. Whereupon Mr. Hall, who is underfoot on Fridays, said, "What happened?" or "What's wrong?" or maybe it was just "What *******?" Whatever. Anyway, on to the synchronistically fantastic finds:

First found is a new little widget from Goodreads. (I've already extolled the virtues of Goodreads. Come to think of it, I've extolled the virtues of widgets, too. I'm still waiting for someone to extol my virtues.) Now Goodreads has added a "Favorite Quotes" widget that will scroll all of your (get ready for it!) favorite quotes! I've added it to my blog because A. I'm one of those people who collect quotes like pennies and B. I'm a sucker for little widgets. Best of both worlds, huh?

Second found is The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks. Which is seriously hilarious. And not just to geeky punctuation nerds like me. It's not something that one can explain in words (even if one is a "so called" writer). To fully appreciate "unnecessary" quotation marks, you must see them in the samples regularly posted on this blog. Check it out here and hold your sides.

Quotes, quotation marks. It just doesn't get any more synchronous than that. Unless I could somehow tie in Fame or Fortune or the Road to Publication. "The desire for fame tempts even noble minds." Saint Augustine said that. (But I think he was talking about Cathy C. Hall.)