Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Take A Card, Any Card

When I saw the little, itty-bitty box in the mail today, I had no idea what was inside. That's the great thing about getting older...I'm constantly surprised!

Anyway, it was my blog cards!

Sure, I could just tell friends and family about the blog. But here's the thing. Nobody remembers details like a web address. Even if most of it is your own name. (Maybe that's just my friends and family...) Still, then you have to look around for a pen and end up using your lipstick to write on the back of a takeout menu you really, really needed for supper tonight.

For eight bucks and change, not to mention the brilliant fun of playing with designs and such, I've got these great cards with my blog info. Actually, I have cards with my name and picture, too, since I read somewhere that when one attends a writer's conference, one should have a card with photo, in order to promote oneself in a memorable manner. And friends, I am all about the promotion. Especially when it comes so, how shall I put it? Well, cheap.

Now all the terribly important people I hobnob with on my way to Fame and Fortune can find me, one way or another.

Assuming they don't lose my card(s).